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Eindhoven, where Goeth Vastgoed has its roots, is characterized as Brainport by the presence of a large number of internationally oriented companies and knowledge and educational institutions.

As the Netherlands’ leading High Tech region, Eindhoven therefore attracts many international workers and students. From studio to apartment or villa, with Goeth Vastgoed management package you will get the best return from your rental property. The quality of your property is always guaranteed, thanks to facility management you can rely on. Goeth Vastgoed enters into leases with the tenants or with the company they work for, ensuring that both tenant and landlord get the best possible lease.


From initial and final inspection to technical and financial management. Goeth Vastgoed ensures that you as a property owner are totally unburdened when you want it.


The tenant is responsible for the proper delivery of your property at the end of the contract period. Any issues that are not in order are revealed during the comprehensive inspection of immediately. You can be confident that the property will be returned in excellent condition to the next tenant

Technical management

Goeth Vastgoed will take care of all technical management concerns at your convenience out of your hands. The possibilities:

Financial management

By default, you can use a comprehensive package of services:

How does it work?

Do you want to rent out your property at the best price and conditions? If so, please contact us directly. We are currently flooded with demand from home and abroad for rental properties in the Eindhoven region. For this reason, we are immediately looking for:

What we offer:

Together, we rent your property in eight bite-sized steps

Step 1: Intake interview – inventory wishes and possibilities

Step 2: Valuation – together we determine and substantiate market-based rental price

Step 3: Promoting the property – On, (largest rental site in NL), websites for expats (, social media and actively offering to companies

Step 4: Submit candidates – detailed screening of potential candidates and proposals

Step 5: Organize viewings – we plan and supervise tours

Step 6: Concluding lease agreement – mediating between you and tenant

Step 7: Financial settlement – we take care of financial settlement as agreed upon

Step 8: Rental Service – If desired, we will take over the management of your property 24/7

Outsourcing your customized property management

Besides mediating on behalf of rentals, it is also possible to outsource the management of the property to Goeth Vastgoed. This means that during the rental period we are the contact person for the tenant 24/7 and handle all matters regarding the property. You should think about technical, commercial and financial management. You can find more information in our “renting out your property” brochure.


Based on a number of factors, we determine the rent we will offer the property for. This depends on your current costs, among other things, as well as the location of the home, condition of the home, number of bedrooms, level of finish, accessibility and the surrounding area. It is also important to look at the current rental market and competition in your town and residential area. We talk through all this together in detail, then agree on a rental price and strategy. We prefer to sit down for this in person, so you can get an idea of us and our methods and we can get to know you and your home.

No cure no pay; a safe feeling

Our enthusiastic team is distinguished by years of knowledge of the local real estate market. With high commitment and dedication, we turn every client into a satisfied client on a no cure no pay basis. In other words; as long as your property is not rented out, there are no costs involved.

Upholstered or furnished?

Unfurnished properties are usually rented for a minimum of 12 months and then indefinitely. Furnished properties predominantly involve a minimum rental period of 6 months. Of course, a short-term lease for which you know the end date is also possible. Together we determine the right direction for your home.

Customer base

Goeth Vastgoed has an international client base. For example, we work closely with a large network of companies in Eindhoven and its surroundings such as ASML, Philips, High Tech Campus, Eindhoven Airport and Bosch.