Making sure you find your rental property quickly and without hassle; that is our daily mission. You want to be relieved of this; logical. Not only do you want to be assured that you are reliably renting a property at the best price and terms, but also that you will receive immediate assistance with questions about your temporary housing. Understandable. Whether you are looking for your own place to rent for a short or long term, your rental property should be a safe haven. To establish a foundation for finding suitable temporary housing in the Eindhoven and Tilburg Region, we use the



Have you seen a rental property that meets your needs? Then you can easily express your interest by responding to the desired property through our website. We will then review your application and if you are a suitable tenant eand schedule viewing. At Goeth Vastgoed, whoever responds first to a rental property has first choice. Provided, of course, that this is approved by the owner. You have an important voice, she the last word.


Underlying an ironclad foundation is a watertight lease agreement. This avoids ambiguities and discussions and allows you to enjoy maximum living enjoyment.

The rental agreement is concluded directly between you as a tenant (or your employer or educational institution) and the owner of the property to be rented. The person who signs the lease is considered the tenant of the property. In addition to the lease agreement, you must also sign the terms and conditions, which underlie each lease. To establish a lease for the purpose of temporary housing, the following documents must be provided:

For individuals:

  • valid identification;
  • Recent pay stubs and/or an employment contract
  • Documentation regarding demonstrable income.

For independent contractors:

  • recent income tax return and/or auditor’s report;
  • Chamber of Commerce excerpt with valid identification of the signature holders of the company in question.

When establishing a rental agreement, registration via our website is mandatory. With this you agree to Goeth Realty’s terms and conditions and we have all your information available digitally. Quite effective.

Building block 3: Transparent costs

Important when, but certainly well before, entering into a lease is to consider the following three fixed and market-based cost items.

  1. The first month’s rent for the benefit of the landlord
    The agreement and thus the start of the rental of the temporary housing can start any day of the month. You must pay us the first month’s rent (for the first rental period) prior to handing over the keys. This can be a full month’s rent, or part of it (in case your first month’s rent starts on the 7th of that month, for example).
  2. The deposit
    The deposit is generally one month’s rent. This will be returned to you at the end of the rental period, upon proper final delivery. The deposit also serves as a deposit and must be paid upon initial order confirmation to Goeth Vastgoed.

Building block 4: Clear and honest communication

We like to do honest business. For this reason, we are transparent about our costs. These are in line with the market, making us stand out not on the basis of rental costs, but on what we do in return; taking care of your rental house or rental apartment in the Eindhoven region in accordance with the best available conditions. So with us, there are no snags – read: hidden costs – under the grass. We do business purely transparently. Renting we do for you and that with great pleasure, in which clear expectations, trust and honesty are paramount.

Why rent a house?
In view of current interest rates, we are increasingly getting the question: isn’t buying, even in relation to temporary housing, more interesting than renting? Here are the most common reasons to rent a property.