Short-term rentals in the Eindhoven region

Our job is to help you find the perfect rental quickly and easily. Of course you want certain assurances. You want to know that you will be renting a property through a reliable letting agent at the best price and with the best conditions, and that, should there be any issues with the property, you will receive immediate assistance. That goes without saying. Whether you’re looking for a short-term solution or a place to settle down for a while, your home should be a place of refuge. To ensure that you find a suitable rental property in the Eindhoven region, we have

Five Gold Goeth Buildings:

Building Block 1: Register for our Free Property Search service

Register for our extensive property search service by completing our registration form. You can then quickly search for short-term rentals in the Eindhoven region free of charge. You can do this on your own online, or you can seek the assistance of one of our letting agents. Once we receive your registration form, we will email you details of rental properties that meet your search criteria. That way you’ll be renting a house or apartment in the Eindhoven region before you know it.

Building Block 2: Register your interest in a property

If one of the rental properties meets your requirements, click ‘Respond’ and we’ll contact you to discuss the conditions and arrange a viewing. You’re also welcome to call us if you prefer. At Goeth Vastgoed, the first person to register an interest in a rental property has first choice – as long as the owner approves. You have an important say, but they have the last word.

Building Block 3: Tenancy agreement

A well-drafted tenancy agreement creates a firm foundation for a successful tenancy. It eliminates ambiguity and reduces the risk of misinterpretation so you can enjoy your tenancy to the full. The tenancy agreement is concluded between you (or your employer or educational institution), as the tenant, and the owner of the rental property. The party that signs the tenancy agreement is the official tenant of the property. In addition to the tenancy agreement you are also required to sign the general provisions that apply to all tenancy agreements. To enable the conclusion of a tenancy agreement for a short-term rental, the following documents must be submitted:

If the tenant is a private individual:

  • valid proof of identity
  • recent pay slips and/or an employment contract
  • documentation of income

If the tenant is self-employed:

  • a recent income tax declaration and/or an auditor’s report
  • an extract from the Commercial Register and valid proof of identity of the authorised signatory of the company

If a tenancy agreement is concluded you are required to register with our website. In doing so, you agree to our terms and conditions.  This also ensures that we have your details on file.

Building Block 4: Clear breakdown of the costs

Both when signing a tenancy agreement and also well in advance, it is important to allow for the following standard costs.

  1. The first month’s rent

    Your tenancy of the rental property can start on any day of the month. The first month's rent (the rent for the first rental period) must be transferred to our account before you collect the key. This may be a full month’s rent or the rent for part of a month (if, for example, the first rental period starts on the 7th day of th month.

  2. The security deposit

    The security deposit is generally one month’s rent. The deposit will be returned to you at the end of your tenancy if the property is returned in good condition. The deposit also serves as a down payment and must be paid when you instruct Goeth Vastgoed to act on your behalf.

Building Block 5: Clear and honest communication

As part of our commitment to ethical business practice we are transparent about our fees, which are in line with the market. We stand out not because of our low rental fees, but because we enable you to rent a house or apartment in the Eindhoven region with the best possible conditions. There is no catch and no hidden costs. We are transparent about all aspects of our business. We take great pride in acting as your letting agent and consider clear expectations, trust and honesty to be essential.

Why rent?

Given today's low interest rates, we’re frequently asked whether, even for short-term rental, it makes more sense to buy rather than rent. The main reasons for renting rather than buying are listed below.

  1. You’re flexible and can move whenever you want

  2. You have security of tenure

  3. You may be eligible for a rent subsidy

  4. You do not have to carry out any major repairs or maintenance

  5. If your income fluctuates you can still rent