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Don’t settle for less - find a rental property that suits you

The demand for short-term rentals in the Eindhoven region exceeds supply. To quickly find a property that meets your requirements you have to be ahead of the game – especially given the current conditions in the residential rental market. To overcome the challenges, it’s best to seek expert professional advice. We will help you search for, find and rent the home of your dreams - a rental property in the Eindhoven region that suits you, meets your needs and feels right.

Secure the best rental conditions

Searching for suitable (short-term) rental accommodation is a demanding process. You may not always have the time and energy needed to deal with all of the questions, uncertainties, documentation, administration and emotions involved. Goeth Vastgoed will help you quickly find a suitable rental property in the Eindhoven region and secure the best rental conditions. We are confident that we can add value, so you only pay once we achieve the desired result: the negotiation of a favourable tenancy agreement.

How we open doors for you

  1. Search

    We discuss your requirements by phone or on site and draw up a wish list and action plan. Then we conduct an intensive search through our own network, both online and offline, on a ‘no-cure, no-pay’ basis. We scan our own database and those of other short-term letting agents in the Eindhoven region for you day and night.

  2. Presentation and viewing
    We select, present and describe in detail the properties that meet your search criteria. If you like the look of one of the rental properties, together we go and view it so you can determine whether it meets your requirements.

  3. Market knowledge
    We pride ourselves on our local knowledge and can tell you about every street, neighbourhood and municipality. This will give you a clear sense of the area in which a rental property is located. We can offer guidance on everything from schools to dentists, security of tenure and housing allowance. We cover everything involved in renting a property in Eindhoven or the surrounding area.

  4. Help with negotiation and administrative requirements

    Once you have chosen a rental property we help you negotiate the terms of the tenancy agreement, such as the rent, the date from which the property is available and the term of the tenancy. We also check the legal aspects, draw up a comprehensive tenancy agreement and act as an intermediary between you and the party letting the rental property or apartment. That way you can collect the key without a care in the world.

  5. Inspection of the state of the property at the start of the tenancy

    Once you have the collected the key, we accompany you as you open the door to your rental property. We organise the delivery of the property, record the state of the property in a professional inspection report that includes photos, and help you arrange services such as power, gas, water and internet access.

  6. Always available

    If you have questions about any aspect of residing in the area, we’re always happy to help - even if you are already comfortably installed in the property. If, for example, you’d like tips on relocating, or advice on arranging internet access or power, gas and water supply, or if we can recommend professional decorators or tradespeople to carry out repairs, all you have to do is ask. We’re always available.

Expat Housing Desk Tenant’s Agent

Are you an expat seeking a short-term rental? Then we can help. We have years of experience of arranging expat rentals and are familiar with your customs and requirements. In addition to the services described above, you can count on clear communication in different languages. And if necessary, we can also arrange transport to and from any properties you want to view. Above all, we make sure you feel at home here, by offering advice that takes your origins into account.

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Why engage a tenant’s agent?

Why should you engage a tenant’s agent to help you rent a property in Eindhoven or the surrounding area? Here are the six main reasons given by tenants we have acted for.

1.      You have someone to help you weigh up options and risks

2.      Someone to conduct an active search for suitable rental properties on your behalfhuurwoningen

3.      You receive guidance throughout – from conducting a search to moving in

4.      You receive assistance with administrative aspects, such as contracts and subsidies

5.      You also have someone to help you negotiate the rent

6.      And a guide to the surrounding area