Goeth Vastgoed - The letting and property management agent in the Eindhoven region

We are Goeth Vastgoed. Pleased to meet you!

From our offices in the centre of Eindhoven we have a clear overview of the entire property market. We know every street in the Eindhoven region as far as Tilburg.  

How do we open doors?

  • We’re a bright, dynamic team as welcoming as the region
  • Flexibility is part of our DNA (you can reach us from 08:00 to 18.00 daily)
  • We reply immediately
  • We have an extensive and well-maintained network
  • Our (online) property marketing is highly effective
  • We control the risks involved in letting through experience and legal documentation
  • We always have a wide range of available properties
  • We’re known for our dedicated personal approach and clear communication

And with more than 10 years in business we’re the largest and most experienced personal letting and property management agent in the Eindhoven region.

International focus

The emphasis of our services lies in the Eindhoven region. The surroundingBrainportregion is an innovative top technology region of world standing. The area’s growing high-tech landscape attracts many international professionals and students, with an increasing number of expats seeking suitable accommodation. Goeth Vastgoed helps expats find the right property. Through our contacts with companies and organisations such as Holland Expat Center South, Eindhoven University of Technology (TUE), ASML, Fontys International Business School, PSV, Philips and ATOS, we are the critical link between demand and supply in the region. Our letting agents are experienced in dealing with different cultures and requirements and are able to communicate fluently in English, German and Russian, among other languages. Effortless communication ensures accurate interpretation, which is very helpful when dealing with so many expats.

Agency and property management services

We are always available – both in our capacity as an intermediary between demand and supply and also as your property management agent.

We are the specialist for:

  • Tenants from home and abroad seeking suitable short-term (several weeks to several years) semi or fully furnished rental accommodation.
  • Private and business property owners who want to arrange an optimally lucrative short or long-term let.
  • Companies and educational institutes that want to arrange accommodation for employees or students.
  • Students seeking affordable accommodation in a vibrant part of town.

The team

We provide these services as a team. We’re passionate about what we do and always respond with a smile and a personal touch. Allow us to introduce ourselves.


Lavinia’s experience, willpower and humour make her the rock behind our brand. Quick-witted and straight talking, she always finds a solution. With her keen intelligence and big heart, she will arrange everything for you. She’d like to live in a friendly young neighbourhood in Waalre. She wants a property with a big garden within striking distance of the city centre so she can always pop in for a drink. Email:lavinia@goethvastgoed.nl


Michèle is a real family person who comes from the area. She lives in a vibrant part of Eindhoven, where she knows everything that’s going on and will be happy to show you around. Her many years of experience and passion for what she does are evident in the service she provides. She’ll quickly help you find your dream home. Hers is an old farmhouse with a thatched roof, modernised interior and scenic surroundings.michele@goethvastgoed.nl


Imperturbable Jeannette comes from Groningen. She likes to maintain an overview and is always open to new possibilities. Spontaneous and sporty, she’s happiest when she’s out and about with her family and does her best to bring the outdoors indoors both at home and at the office. With her natural inquisitiveness and open view of things she’s the perfect sparring partner for Daniëla and excels at dealing with the financial and administrative aspects of property management.


Renée is the very embodiment of warm hospitality and is at her best when surrounded by hectic activity. In her dream home there’s a central point such as a bar, where people gather to relax, engage in interesting conversations and come up with new ideas. Committed to ensuring that the team performs at its best, she acts as a go-between and is always prepared to go the extra mile for colleagues, (prospective) tenants and property owners.


Daniele is the person we all rely on. She develops the service we provide. As office manager she’s tirelessly dependable and irreplaceable. Every day she rolls up her sleeves and helps to enhance customer experience. Her dream home? A house in the sun.


Tess is the whirlwind in the team. Her inexhaustible energy and contagious enthusiasm inspire both the team and our customers. With her by your side, searching for a property is always a positive experience. She dreams of a home with plenty of daylight and a big garden in leafy surroundings just outside the city centre. It's a long-term goal. But if you can move in right away, she’ll help you find what you’re looking for in no time.


Alex is a real globe-trotter and that’s what you’ll find once working with him: providing service is limitless! He also brings the much needed balance within this all-female team and is characterised by his direct – roots from Rotterdam – approach and friendliness. For every potential tenant he is on the lookout for the ideal dream property. For himself, a Spanish finca with a swimmingpool and a large charcoal BBQ is a nice prospect. Alex@goethvastgoed.nl


Claire is a master in finding undiscovered gems. In her leisure time she likes to explore culinary hotspots and places to go out, and finding and renting out the nicest properties is what she does best. When she isn’t at work, you can find her in the Indonesian restaurant that is run by her boyfriend. She truly enjoys receiving guests, just as she loves to help out every customer regardless of their requirement here with Goeth Vastgoed. She brings together supply and demand in a totally unique way. Claire@goethvastgoed.nl


Sophie has lived in Eindhoven since she was a teenager and knows the region like the back of her hand. The last few years she has spent in London, but missing her beloved Eindhoven has led her back to this bustling city. Sophie is now completely settled with her dog, a French bulldog, and has found her place at Goeth Vastgoed. She thoroughly enjoys the personal contact with (international) customers. Sophie helps them find a nice home in an effective way. Like no other, she what a search that can be! sophie@goethvastgoed.nl